Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring children is one of the best things, which will ensure that every sponsored child can get a good education, health, and many more.

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Providing healthcare is a very challenging task, especially in rural India. We at NES India, help women and children for their nutrition, health issues and many more.

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Every child has a unique quality and we help them to discover their talent.

There are millions of children who are waiting for your support. Make a bold decision today.

Your every single contribution towards these children matters a lot.

Women Empowerment

Women have the great responsibility and they need your support at some stage.

At NES, we educate them for their self-dependency. In our rural India, they need an identity, they need a chance to improve herself. 

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How We Work


We work to ensure children are educated for life through collective efforts in improving the quality of education.


We work to address the causes of malnutrition with a special focus on children below 5 years, pregnant women, and mothers.

Gender and Development

We work with families and communities to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and strengthen their roles in improving the status of the girl child.


Our livelihood interventions enable families to enhance income and provide better for their children.

History of NES India

The NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is founded in 2012 by Shailendra Saxena and his team members after analyzing the disastrous conditions of society like poverty, malnutrition, health-related problem, education, child marriage, water and sanitation problems etc.

They think all these problems are the stigma on the society. So they work hard to find the solution or to bring a change in the society they created.

NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY which works as a bridge between the victims of these problems and the kind-hearted people of the world whose support really bring a change.

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