Just like a broadly known reality, the state of ladies in India, as well as rest of the world, embodies pathetic. Not exclusively is it the shocking numbers that dishonorably demonstrate our high rates of female feticide (Current Sex Ratio of India in 2015 is 943 Females/1000 Males.).

Yet additionally, the gigantically disregarded, desperate need of consideration towards all round advancement of young ladies in India. Abandoning the instructive and restorative front, young ladies India fall a long ways behind in getting fondness also.

Be it a spouse, mother, father, sibling or any blood connection, a young lady is impugned appropriate from birth, till death. NES’s ideology is to make change by handling the issue from its extremely source convictions and circumstance.



NES is a deliberately created, three-level task that goes for fortifying a lady’s air towards life itself. Starting from the roots, the initial step is to give therapeutic instruction to kids; second is to give a basic level of introduction alongside proficient preparing, and third is outfitting young ladies with a mainstream stage to offer their aptitude.

Other than this, the program additionally targets improvement in methods for money related issues by sorting out different workshops in view of effectively attractive aptitudes that empower poor ladies to self-create business.

Prestigious experts of the nation actually convey these workshops while a couple has likewise employed equipped ladies to work under them. Wellbeing mindfulness crusades for ladies are sorted out once in a while which extend from the significance of iodine in salt to spreading mindfulness about reasons for Breast Cancer.



NES’s battle has so far empowered a noteworthy thousand of ladies to help their families. It has freed ladies in the issue social rights, regard and merited warmth; a marvel far lesser recognized than their significance in the general public. Today, our scope has enlarged to a few sections of the nation.

We as of late opened another middle in Ghaziabad, where NES has adequately rolled out predictable improvements in the group. A year sooner, Ghaziabad was a group of cloth pickers, who lived without power, instruction, toilets, schools and above all, without trust.

NES safeguarded the general public by executing our projects and giving whatever formal preparing was conceivable to the ladies. The change we see is continuous, yet genuine.