The NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is founded in 2012 by Shailendra Saxena and his team members after analyzing the disastrous conditions of society like poverty, malnutrition, health-related problem, education, child marriage, water and sanitation problems etc.

They think all these problems are the stigma on the society. So they work hard to find the solution or to bring a change in the society they created.

NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY which works as a bridge between the victims of these problems and the kind-hearted people of the world whose support really bring a change.

NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is a non-profit NGO. We’re a charitable organization that specializes in the education and empowerment of less-privileged children, youth, and women through working with them at an individual level.

Our nationally-recognized programmes include schools, remedial education, computer training, adult literacy, skills training, woman empowerment, community development, trying to alleviate poverty.