Rani hails from Uttar Pradesh and was born in a family of 3 – Her mother Shanti Devi, an worker, her father Ramdass, a seasonal labourer, and two siblings. Although her parents were determined to educate her, they had to confront the cold realities of the economic constraints.

Child Sponsorship changed her life. Today, Rani is a good child to flourish there career. She is also an good dancer. “If NES had not come in my life, my life would have been different. In future, I will also sponsor a child in need”, says the grateful Rani.

A Family pressure forced Suddha to quit school in Class XII and marry at an early age by the unfair costumes of society. Ambitious by nature, she overcame these odds to work for the welfare of women from her community.

Four years into her marriage she joined a skill program under NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, and by getting the skill training she could be independent now suddha is also earning well through swing the clothes of there locality and earn their livelihood.

Now she had a little girl child she wants to fulfill all her dreams by providing the education and wants to become her a doctor.

Rahul was in class 5 when his mother expired. He had to drop out of school to take care of his younger sister.

His father is a rickshaw driver. Rahul’s day would start early as he had to do all the household works.

One of our Doner’s understand the situation of Rahul and sponsored his education and become a part of the change. Nowadays Rahul studied well and want to back something to the society.

Life changing story of Subhash he was a daily wage earner and he has 2 child, parents and the burden of his younger brother’s family who has died after 3 years of there marriage.

One day Subhash wife had a high fever she goes to the doctor the doctor told her that she had a TB and she needs a proper treatment and care Subhash was very depressed he had to know how he takes care all of these then NARAYAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY helped them by taking the burden of there treatment. Actually NES used its fund for helping the people and bring optimistic approach in the society